Booking information

The Association of International Dance Pont l’Abbé (IDP) is a non-profit organization.

Parent permission is asked to all minors students.

IDP reserves the right to cancel the course for serious reasons. Students will be refunded but may not claim any damages.

In case of an impossibility of the student to attend the course, a medical certificate will be required 8 days before the beginning of the course and the association will take off 30€ on the refund of amounts, paid for administrative costs. No refunds after the 4th of August 2018. No refunds once the course has started.

When you register, please can you be very precise with your contact information ! E-mail is easy or you can phone me 01033 (0) 6-87-38-35-80 ( I speak english)

Your registration will be confirmed upon receipt of the complete file.

We ask to do a bank transfer to pay the course with clear indication of the name of the student.

Payments can be paid in 1, 2 or 3 times and all must be paid for the 30th of  June.

With a constant concern for quality, for a good distribution of courses and levels, IDP reserves the right to place students in the level that suits them best.
Specific important information regarding the details of the summer school, will be given the day before: Saturday 11th August 2018, at the Maison des Associations de Pont l’Abbé, from 16.00-18.00.